08 6 / 2014


I totally didn’t hear anyone talking about NaPoWriMo this year! Did it not happen? ><

Must be more on my toes next year.

For now, I guess this is my general poetry blog…when I decide to write poetry. When I feel inspired. If I feel inspired. OTL.

01 5 / 2013

O. M. G.




These past thirty days were… somewhat stressful, a little bit pretentious, a pinch imaginative, and a lot of fun. :D Definitely doing this again next year!


See you next April? ;)

30 4 / 2013

A Curse in Winter (A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost)

Oh, take you not pain in the weeds tonight;

Nor take you to do so near

As the certain planting; lose yourself there

Uncomplicatedly in the falling of the year.

Oh, take you not pain in the desert black,

Unlike everything else by night, unlike creatures by day;

Nor let us be sad in the sad donkeys,

The lone one contracting between the flawed bushes.

Nor let us be sad in the creeping fish

That slowly under the donkeys is not seen,

The meteoroid that pulls out without blunt lips,

And on a seed underground sits loudly.

For this is hate and everything else is hate,

The which is not distributed for the Devil below

To curse to what close beginnings he will not,

And which it wants all that you neglect.

29 4 / 2013


今天 I went to school

and looked at all the estudiantes

all the 소녀 and 소년

and thought, Everyone is so bello

So colorful and 明るい

Filled with life

I listened to the accents

the languages that swirled around me

dans l’air

and happily contributed with my own tongue

loving the mix of sound and शोर

hoping it will stay this way για πάντα

semper enim




今天 (Chinese) = today

소녀, 소년 (Korean) = girls, boys

bello (Italian) = beautiful

明るい (Japanese) = bright

dans l’air (French) = in the air

शोर (Hindi) = noise

για πάντα (Greek) = forever

semper enim (Latin) = for always

我们都不一样/这才是最美的世界 (Chinese) = We are all different/This is what makes the most beautiful Earth

28 4 / 2013


I look out the window and see yellow:

the golden sun, dripping rays of sunshine like honey

onto the fluttering petals of primroses and sunflowers.

Walking down the street, I see yellow:

the bright, canary-yellow house with amber shingles,

a creamy lemon sports car sitting in the driveway.

I turn my head and see yellow:

your ash blond hair, soft and silky,

paired with citrine specks in your aureate eyes.

I look inside myself and find yellow:

the flavescent color of jaundice, the sallow shade of sulfur,

a lutescent tint of cowardice, touched by a tawny oatmeal hue of failure.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing that is shiny golden within me—

nothing that I can see.

Yet you

you with your lushly golden hair, contrasted with your

determinedly un-yellow person

you see just the seed of a sparkly champagne light inside of me

just barely flickering, struggling for a sunny life.

For you I’d

nurture it to the most beautiful




goldenrod love it could ever be.

27 4 / 2013

You Know What They Say: When In Rome…

be unlucky in love

find a fountain of love

hypnotize a band of suitors

with a seductive melody

and an uncertain promise

to return the locks

to their hearts.

when in Rome

do as the Romans do.

Here’s a link for some more common proverbs

27 4 / 2013

Still I Rise by Maya Angleou



                   in the      dirt






          moons and      suns,


          hopes                high,

      I’ll rise.




                my soul     cries.


          laugh like           gold

           shoot me

           cut me

           kill me

           like air




I rise


I rise

                                    terror and fear

I rise


I rise


              dream               hope

I rise

I rise

I rise

25 4 / 2013

If It Comes Back, It’s Yours

I fell for you on Saturday
My heart was quickly chained
I wouldn’t let you get away
No matter how you strained

But you felt trapped and crushed by me
So though it gave me pain
I hugged you tight and set you free
As down my face tears stained

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, years passed
And happiness I feigned
When you returned to me at last
My love I had contained

But then you came and hugged me close
And kissed me in the rain
You said “I love you” on my nose
And so I stated plain

"You jerk, how could leave me so
You gave me so much pain
But still, I love you still, you know
So don’t leave me again”

25 4 / 2013

Behind the Name (lies a story)

One upon a time there was a girl
(and already this is trite)
With the prettiest name in the world
(and try, try as I might)
Her perfect teeth like shiny white pearls
(and cry, cry as I write)
Her golden hair always perfectly curled
(I just can’t seem to get it right)

She had the biggest, the bluest doll eyes
(and even at my best)
Her nose always turned up to the sky
(and even as a test)
She was beautiful, it was no lie
(and definitely when I’m stressed)
But on the outside, only the outside
(I just make a mess)

Because in reality she had no heart
(and no matter what I do)
She was simply a work of art
(I just don’t have a clue)
And if you were to take her apart
(cuz when I write something new)
You would see nothing inside
(it’s just a waste of words)

23 4 / 2013

The Definition of Futility

I tried and tried to push it back

but homework is a-beckoning.

The time is late, the sky is black,

I tried and tried to push it back,

I even got myself off-track,

but now it’s time for reckoning.

I tried and tried to push it back

but homework is a-beckoning.